The British Are Coming!

We are excited about our “NEIGHBORS TO NATIONS” weekend coming up October 22nd.  Billy Kennedy, of Southampton, England and Director of the Pioneer Network of Churches will be our guest speaker.  He describes Pioneer Network as, “A UK based ‘apostolic’ movement of churches and ministries committed to see the Kingdom of God expressed in every sphere of society and culture.”  Fellowship of Christians has been a Pioneer Associate Church for a number of years.  We have partnered with Pioneer in Missions outreaches, church planting, conferences and leadership training here in the United States and in other nations.  Billy will be bringing some exciting news in our Sunday service about a current move of the Spirit breaking out in key cities in England. 

We will be doing something slightly different this year in our Sunday night gathering from 7-8 pm.   We have invited those involved with our church in Russellville and elsewhere who we have been supporting in their work to come and be recognized and appreciated.  And we have reached out to invite people from around our city and state who are actively making a positive difference in people’s lives.  This will include our Mayor as well as individuals serving our city in Education, Business, Medicine, Law Enforcement, Youth Work and serving the homeless.  Sunday morning will be our chance to receive encouragement as a church.  Sunday evening will be our chance to give encouragement to those whose service and sacrifice we admire and want to show our gratitude. 

Make plans now to attend these important services!

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